The Fans In My Life

…are very big, loud, and annoying. I’d even go so far as to say pretty heavy and made out of lots of metal. Sucking every bit of normal and humidity right out of this apartment. 

But, am I allowed to complain since tgey finally do stuff or am I allowed tk complain cause management dudnt give a crap since May and now, end of September almost, they finally do stuff but with what cost for me and my minions?!? 

No matter how you look t it, I am mad, and that’s mildly put since they are still reluctant to do what really needs to be done and still just look for short term solutions and quick fixes which will result in this apartment crumbling in over over heads one day and nothing I can do about it. 

Im angry, I’m mad, I’m sleep deprived from these huge fans in my room, I’m desperately looking for a new place to live, and so far I’m not that lucky. I hope every day tgat tge kids are not getting sick, that tgere at least wont be any mold, and that management finally comes to it’s senses. Cause, don’t they get sick and annoyed seeing me all day, every day, with the same complaints over and over again, knowing i wont just ‘go away’ if I have to live there any longer with my kids?? 

And so this day round 5369 (approximately lol) will start as soon as the sun is up, the minion in prek and coffee in my system ….. 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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