New Hair,  Don’t Care 

The end result, lavender hue in silver hair

Sunday morning, 10am, coffee in hand I set foot into the salon on post, ready to start the fun part of the transformation Sunday lol.
I been playing with the thought ever since I got short hair again and, lets face it, short hair when you got plain, dark hair is boring.
So, here I go, making up my mind, setting an appointment and this is what got me out of the house at 9am on a gray Sunday morning.

Claire, my Stylist, was and still is of course, amazing and we started to make a plan. Thinking we might need two sessions to get me to where I wanted to go with my hair, not knowing that four hours later and thanks to my hair that really does what ever I tell it to do lol we already were there. Four sessions put into one. Four treatments put into one session. And from dark to silver/lavender in four hours.

the dark, breaking up color into really funky red, bleaching, balancing it out w purple and the end result, my awesome lavender

First we tried, successfully may I add, to get that darn dark red out of my hair. Yeah, I was bored one day and decided I rather do some color than another cut …. So, after about 40 minutes of washing and working that stuff into my hair, it went from a dark red to a salmon color and was basically ready to get bleached the hell out of it. (I am always really happy, that my hair really works well with me and does what we tell him with no problems) Sat there, in my chair, watching the hawks game (we won with 27:17 by the way) and for the last about 20 minutes I went under some heat… getting the tips really ready and light as well, pushing out the last hues of red that were there.
washing it, shampooing, and I earn myself a “you are one lucky bitch” from Claire since her hair took over two weeks to go from dark to blonde and mine just did it in a bit over an hour lol (not counting in the first hour of breaking up the red)

Very light, very blonde, not something I’d want to be for forever to be honest. I cannot see me in just blonde, no matter how dark or light I have to say.
Therefore off we went, treatment number three and that was getting the gray in there. Color over color and my hair taking to it very fast… Then balancing out the yellow/blonde with some hues of purple and you got my awesome lavender color I am rocking right now. And, I have to say, I am in love. This is some color I will rock for a while until I will make my way to the actual silver I wanted first. It will still be an end goal, but for now this is just amazing and really neat to sport.

So here we go, first full day with the new do and happy as can be.
I hope you all enjoy your new week and had a wonderful start to it just like I did.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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