Last week… 

…was a very, shall we say, interesting week. Nothing was going anywhere but down and to be kicked into the bucket at the end of every new day. 
And when Wednesday rolled around, I really thought it couldn’t get any worst. For the ones who kinda keep up here with me irregularity in writing these days, my apartment is still not fixed, Tha fans might be out but there is still water damage in kitchen, ceilings, wall and carpet and then the sink (which is still not fixed by the way) started leaking again as well and I woke up to my first lovely surprise of the week. 

After this I already kinda gave up on the week; I was just done. 
But this das not it by a long shot. Still having to hear back from the loan people I’m going to bed, wake up, get the minions ready, want to leave for prek and what do I see?? My car, does half open, everything inside a flipping mess, and the feeling that people just keep kicking me when I’m down… 

After I cleaned up with my choice of German and English cuss words (my youngest might have learned something new that day) I just gave up. Got coffee, drove back home, no prek and a day of laying in bed, playing playdough and not feeling great. 

Afternoons I had a meeting with the loan people and that was when I discovered it:
These a**holes took my planner. I had nothing else gone except a few cents and a cap load of trash all over my car once they are done but my planner… That was another kick in the guys while I’m down already and most my life was in that planner…

Anyways, Friday and Saturday I still just lurked around, moody, passed at myself cause for one I left that planner in the car and just annoyed in general cause the apartment didn’t get the fixed, the neighborhood is crap and I still didn’t hear from the loan and how much we actually getting to get out of this hole…  My beter half then asked if u wanted to come over to watch a movie which at the end was the ‘first step to recovery’ if you will.  And this morning I went for a short but great run and if helped the down as well. 

Now is just a question of looking at houses on Wednesday, getting everything else squared away and starting the next week of right. I know I can do it but, once again, time is running out since I do not want to extend my lease with these people here…  

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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