Happy 6 Months Anniversary

I cannot believe it’s been 6 months. 6 months of back into running. 6 months of running at least twice a week. 6 months of a fun journey to better myself and get a hold of things again. And, last but not least, 6 months of just feeling better.

So, here it goes. With October 10th approaching fast I was talking to the better half that it was 6 months since I started running again. And, mind you, I didn’t start quietly either. No. For my first run this guy takes me to the Narrows Bridge. It’s an amazing Bridge, great to run, but I was not really sure if I could do it at first. But, once I got into it, there is no stopping me of course.
It was a nice little 5k twice over that bridge, cause once you are in Gig Harbor you need to go back to your car in Tacoma as well, lol, and I really didn’t do as bad as I thought seeing it has  been about 9 months since I’ve ran last….

So, here we go, October 10th is here, we are on our way to Narrows Bridge and I am feeling great. Better half is just getting back into running, he’s been bulking these past months so there was no running for him, and we said for this half year anniversary we try to at least double the first run we did.
Arriving while it was still kinda foggy, quiet, windy out there and the running began. Back and forth. Four times over that Bridge and four times with a smile on my face almost all the time. I do hate it though going towards Gig Harbor cause you go soo much wind coming toward you from the cars and all that it really isnt fun to run here and there…..But at the end we did it:1 hour and 35 minutes later we finished a 12k run with a time that was not that bad. I am getting closer to my half marathon distance and I am pretty proud of that. The last lap though, the better half was definitely faster than I was and my legs turned into some form of jelly while I still had to go uphill…once that was past, my legs were fine again and with the sun coming out of the clouds and shining in my face while you have this amazing view of the Bridge and the island and river…It’s great to end a run like this !!
I did miss running with my better half. As nice as it is to run by yourself, clear your mind and all, it is as nice to run with him!!

Also, when we are on the last leg, he is the one that keeps me going cause I am still trying to keep up  with his ass lol so I’ll be damned if i’d be slowing down any time soon while he is still in front of me and running; at least until legs or lungs completely give in that is.. lol

In 6 months, on April 10th, we are looking forward to he 1 year anniversary for our Bridge run and our first run will be tripled by then…. lets work toward it!!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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