No Kindergarten Today, Sir







Here we are, Tuesday morning, feels like a Monday cause of the Holiday yesterday (on post everything is closed), and once the middle minion was successfully brought to school, the youngest declared he does not want to go.
Of course mom is still driving to Kindergarten because he might change his mind once he sees his friends and his favorite teacher and all…. Yeah, no way. He actually really started crying and clinging onto me and once not even the teacher could get him to stay, and 20 minutes after we arrived, I packed him and his homework into our car and drove off, destination Steilacoom Park.

Cause if you ain’t going to school, you ain’t sitting at home all day either. We went for a walk, up the hills to the former buildings that belonged to the Western State Complex back in the day and before it got broken down, and he had a blast. Climbing around in the bit of the building that is left, seeing the lake, running around and just enjoying the morning.

Some mama-minion-time early in the morning. The sun came out a bit as well and so it wasn’t as cold as it easily could have been. He loved looking at the old Barns, learning what they used it for then and now, and while walking next to me, he said one of the sweetest things that you can hear as a mom:

Mama, you fixed my heart again!!

Yep, and then and there I knew it was ok that I took him back home for one more day of no Kindergarten and just to hang with me. Nevertheless though, he still did his homework once we got home and didn’t stop until he was done with the letters and lines.
So it was a good day after all.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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