So Much To Do, So Little Time

Yes, I am still alive. Barely, but breathing and so I think it counts as being alive. These past few weeks been crazy. Crazy buys. Crazy exhausting. Just cray cray over all and at some point I had a day or two were I just wanted to give up. From the bottom up always sounds way easier than it actually is, my friends.

Saturday it was one year since the life of my kids and I has changed drastically and forever. Changed forever. Nothing to take back or change, just going forward day by day, trying to make the best out of everything. And, as much as I tried to keep it easy going for the kids an make the best out of it for them, I feel like I myself have been going non stop full speed for 12 months, 365 days without any real stop sign ahead of me.
A few short breaks, sure, but no real stop sign, no real here is the end of this road, now it will only go up and better for you…this sign was not really there yet.

So, with the crazy speed I been going I been looking around to buy a house. I been thinking of it more and more the closer the date of this lease comes to a close. I hate this neighborhood, it was never to be a final solution  and so me and the oldest have been looking around quite a bit. Been driving all over the place, calculated and re calculated the money and weighed in all the possible options we would have.
And now, about 8 weeks into the whole process I am happy to say it fianlly sinks in that we will have a house soon! A place we can call ours, our home, a place we want to come home to after a few days on the road, a vacation and a place where the younger minions can run free and enjoy their childhood in every way possible!
We are getting excited that the reallity is sinking in and we are so close to our goal now!!

This being said, you can imagine why I been absent from blogging quite a bit. First, I wanted to make it part of my journey to keep you all in the loop but then I decided against it for two simple reasons:
One being I did not want to jinx anything with the house buying by telling everyone and then just be like ‘nah, not gonna happen this time’ and
Secondly I been more and more living by ‘just show them what you did instead of talking about much’ and so here I am… living life, getting everything organized and ready for a new chapter in my life.
It is so close now and all done in writing that I can tell about it and even my family finally got the clear to talk about it if anyone should ask.

Other than that I am pretty quiet about it though, no social media account of mine, except my blog now, knows about it, or has an idea of it and only three or four people of my closes friends now about it by now. The better half of course was in on it from the beggging cause his opinion is one that I value very much and he is one I need to be able to talk about it and weigh the pros and cons of every house we saw and been to….

And I think that, once all this is done, I will finally have some time to relax, and enjoy with friends and family especially that we are getting close to the Holidays and that just screams for movie nights, hot coco in front of a fireplace and comfy time in the own house with the people that are important to us.


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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