Halloween Weekend

Are you ready for a spooky good time? lol
I know my youngest minion is since a week… He’s been waking up, looking outside, and then the usual conversation started:

“Mom, it’s Halloween!!”
“No it’s not yet. One more week until Halloween, baby.”
“No, mom! It’s dark outside. That means its Halloween! We need to go trick or treat! I need my pumpkin!!”
“Gabriel, we need to go to Kindergarten first and then, next Monday, it’s time for Trick or Treat.”
“No!! It’s Halloween now and we need to go Trick or Treat cause it is dark outside. And you go Trick or Treat when it’s dark out!”

So yeah, we been going through this little bit of morning routine since about a week now. It didn’t really help that they had crazy themes at preK and so we got the extra dose off it at home/in the car as well.
Tuesday I was not able to stop him from taking his little Halloween bucket to school instead of his backpack.
Wednesday was costume day and instead of putting on his actual one for Halloween (I would have not heard the end of the trick or treating when he would have been in costume!) I just got him there as BB8 which, may I add, was really cute too and it was quite a funny superhero bunch at preK….

Today is Saturday, we are still going through our Halloween morning routine every day, but he let up a bit. Thank god. I am sick since over a week now as well and I am just praying that I am at least a bit better by the time Monday evening rolls around and we are off to get some trick or treating done at the North End with the better half, the oldest minion and the doggies that will hopefully accompany us that evening.
It’s supposed to rain but hey, can’t have everything, right?! And I’d say as long as the company is great, the minions have fun, we are definitely going to be out there …here is to me getting more sick lol

And with this, I am wishing all of you a …..


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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