To the Ghouls, Ghosts and Goblins

We wish you all a happy Halloween, on this cold, dark and rainy Monday morning.

As you all know, my youngest is excited and preparing for this day since last week. And now that it is finally here, he decided he did not want to go to Kindergarten, wants to spend the day with mom and all the errands she has to run….

The middle one is on his way to school and definitely excited for tonight’s Trick or Treat; I am just praying the kiddos wont get too wet with all this rain that is coming down constantly since quite a few days with only a few small breaks here and there.
And, I ain’t gonna lie, the drier it is the less sick I will be getting on top of the sickness that is already in me since a bit more than a week now.

I finally decided on the make up for my lonesome self, it’s been a bit of a doozy since I have no costume due to being so sick and no money thanks to a very expensive car repair beginning of this spooky month, and so this one is playing around with make up again. As said, I finally came up with two possible outcomes on my look tonight. So we shall see which one wins at the end…

The oldest, god bless her, is doing it real simple and easy: Wayne will say hello. Or at least a modern version of good ole Wayne 🙂 It’ll be fun and I am happy that she still loves to go Trick or Treating with us all and to have fun on this day of the year.

Yesterday her and the youngest been carving the pumpkin we had here since the Kindergartens pumpkin patch and it’s been so fun to watch these kiddos get along despite these big age differences. It’s fun to see how they grow, each in their own little way and time. The pumpkin is now part of the living room decoration (also the only Halloween decoration cause i have no room for any extra stuff in this, sadly, tiny apartment) and the kids love it when it glows at night. They did a very good job and I couldn’t be more proud to be their parent.

This is going to be one fine day and I am determined not to let this sickness I am carrying around for so long already to get in the way of it.
Stay tuned…..

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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