Halloween In Pictures…



So this is Halloween….. a night full of fright… goblins and ghost and other spooky creatures…. Not to mention, of course, the candy that is lurking behind every door that’s opened….

The boys had a blast and the dogs were amazing on our almost two hours long trick or treat walk through the North End.
The only downside:
My oldest, 16 years old, sadly got only doors shoved in her face, the candy bowl taken away and all because judgemental people thought she was ‘too old’ to go trick or treating. NO, Ladies and Gentlemen, she is most definitely not TOO OLD to go trick or treatin!! To be honest I rather have her do that and enjoy it to the fullest than be at someones house, party and drink all night. Cause you know that people then will whine and cry again, saying, that teenagers these days are so rotten and don’t know how to behave and just do drugs and parties….. So yeah, when my 16 year old, that is out trick or treating with her family, comes to your door, be so considerate and let her pick some candy as well, be nice to her and appreciate the fact that she is enjoying a ‘night out’ with her siblings and mom!!!


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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