One of those nights

It’s 5pm. My middle minion is finally home from school and the youngest one is so happy to see him tgat he won’t  give him any time to calm down, adjust to life after school … 

So here they are, one very happily yelling “lay with me!!!play with me!” the  other, more annoyed than happy with him. 

And then there’s me, ready for the first glas of wine which I  don’t  have any at home but could use it to calm the  nerves and ears, that simply can’t take whining anymore. 
This means also that it’s time for me to leave the house for a few minutes, bring some distance between crazy and myself (hard to do with me usually being cray cray myself, I know) and so I’m out for a bit, taking a break and seeing beautiful PNW nature…. I swear, this is a gorgeous State to live in people!

It’s late now. Quite a few hours later. The  youngest asleep on my lap which also has my legs asleep since a good 30 minutes and the middle one half asleep watching The Deep on Netflix. It’s  been a good, quiet evening and I sure hope it stays this way…. 

…goodnight my friends, family and followers, I hope you have the best night ever…

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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