The Minion Bedbug

When he falls asleep on your legs, across the bed after a almost two hour discussion about him needing to go to sleep, needing to calm down now and to get some shut eye. Five minutes later after tossing and turning and legs asleep on my part, this is the cutest way of falling asleep…..

But then, five hours go by in which you more or less slept a a little bit, and you wake up to see the minion bedbug sprawled out across your queen size bed and comfy as ever… sleeping the night away and laughing in his dreams….

So I got another cup of hot beverage, warm house shoes and the bit of blanket I could get ( like I did before I finally went to sleep after midnight) and was hoping it would be a success on going back to sleep…. nada. three hours late, 8 am, I am still there, still awake and starting to befriend the thought that I just wont get any more sleep tonight, no matter what I might try…..

And this is how this day got started, somewhat quiet, somewhat not and now, about 6 hours later we are back from running errands, the minions are playing and I will be  enjoying some steamy hot coffee since the weather really is not calling for much else than afternoons and evenings under a blanket with quite some good movies….

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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