Sunday Mornings

Sunday, fun day, and the kids are doing well.
Breakfast is served, the kids had a great morning with Paddington Bear and now, the middle minion is talking with his biological father which does not happen often but I am glad he is getting the chance to do so.

It’s been quite a few years and I talked with his father first just to see whats going on and to make sure all is and will be going well while they are on the phone, talking. So far so good as they tend to say.
He told me that he would come to WA next year seeing his other son and so he will probably stop by here as well… And I don’t mind cause I think it is important that he will have contact with his father since everything that happened has happened. And from what I can hear, the minion and his father are talking very well and that for 30+ minutes already.

I am every so thankful that the better half is there for the kids and gets along with the minions so very well, but sometimes I really hope that middle minion will connect with his father again in some way so that there will be some kind of father son bond as well and so he knows that if anything is going on, he could also call him to talk to him…. But, I said that quite a few times, and his father did that a few times already and never really kept it up, although the talking about it all always worked very well. But, as most of you know, it is not in what you say but in what you do and the actions you take toward what you want..

So at the end I am always a little bit suspicious and can only wait and see how its going. I am just hoping that middle minion will not be disappointed again like he was before because of all of this… This is always my greatest fear of all of this happening cause I never know what is going on with his father and how serious, or how not serious, he is going to take all of this.

But, for now we will be out for a little Sunday hike on our little trails as soon as they will be hanging up the phone and just to enjoy this Sunday as long as it is not raining out there. And the fresh air will do the boys a great deal of good and lets them burn some of the energy they have… And so I get some peace of mind and a good walk in as well.
Enjoy your Sunday, everyone, it will be a great one. Just get out there and have fun !!!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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