The 2. Advent

…this is the time were the second candle is lit, I  usually start baking and get the last things ready for christmas and the holidays and the kids and decorations…but, not this year. 

This year I  am still waiting on the closing of the sale, the movers and all that comes with a move. I am not worried about the  move that close to christmas; I am worried cause it is our of my hands and I am depending on others (one person to he specific which is even worst!) to make it finally happen. 

I dislike depending on other people very much, especially when I’m running my butt off to get everything I need to do done. And then there is always this one person who can mess it all up cause they are on a power trip and  think they are way better than anyone else, or money hungry, or just get a kick out of the fact that without them, what ever people need or try to get, comes to a stand still.

So i am sitting  here, could  have closed by last week already and be almost moved in and prepare for a great christmas holiday with the minions, waiting on that piece of paper….. 

But: it is what you make of it so we are enjoying the day, watch christmas movies and just be happy that  we are healthy, woke up to a new  day and get to see another day with family and friends !!! 

Happy Holidays !!!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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