Winter Wonder Land!?


It did snow a bit. After everyone has been talking about it for quite a few days now, and I am the ever questioning one cause, lets face it, they said there was a big storm coming as well a few months ago and it never came.
So my thoughts were somewhere along the lines of ‘the snow is chilling with the storm they promised us a few months ago in the corner over there’…

So, when I looked out the window I was a bit surprised to see a thin, white blanket covering the ground around this place. Never enough though I thought that people would go all and completely crazy like they did this morning.
5 am and I get a call from the school, they are off today. The roads are slick cause it has turned into snow rain and so the kids are off today. And people everywhere are going nuts cause of the snow on the roads.

I can tell you with that bit of snow, as nice as it is to look at, we would have never been allowed to stay at home back where I come from and grew up at. This is nothing. I was really hoping for a big snow storm or something like that so they would have actually valid reason to close the schools lol.
It is crazy how it goes, isn’t it!?

For now though, I am finished cleaning out the house for the move, the boys are playing inside and enjoying their day and I get to sit down for a few minutes until I need to get to post with the oldest so I can get stuff done. After that, it’s chill time for me as well in a nice and clean and quiet house…..I am looking forward to that I can tell ya….

Have a marvelous day my friends and enjoy the snow if you got any

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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