And we are about to be on the move again

Next to making it a habit to pack up and leave every three years or so when I was living the Army life, it seems I have made it a habit to do so while in the middle of the Holidays and shortly before Christmas as well….
It’s been a long and not always easy journey that definitely tested my patience with people, paperwork and offices in general as well I tell you…

It has been a constant bring this, bring that, sign these and then that. We need more paperwork and more statements and an explanation for this and while you are at it one for all of this as well… Then they couldn’t find this. And after that it was just an extending the signing week by week, waiting and waiting, and I can honestly say I am happy to tell you that I will finally sign the last papers and get the keys to our small (half an acre) kingdom by latest Wednesday.

The plan was for us to get movers and all from the last free move I have but, seeing that it has gotten so late in December that we are now having Christmas, New Years, PCS and Holiday Season, I am not sure if that will work out the way I wanted it too.
It’s always a hit and miss and I cannot afford to keep this place longer than December, cause the way this apartment complex works I would have to pay for the whole months, no matter if I need this to keep my bigger furniture in for two, five or 30 days….So there is money wasted and I am not about that!!
Hence I will probably move all of that by myself again with the help from awesome friends and family and just be done by the morning of Christmas Eve at the latest.

Now after bringing you somewhat up to date on the adventures we are having and facing, I will be getting off my butt again and finish the packing and throwing away of things we do not need or do not want to bring and officially get this moving party started !!!

Enjoy your week, my friends, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and yours !!!


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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