One Week In…All’s Going Well

wp-1483109226201.pngIt’s been one week. One week. And I can say it really doesn’t feel like it.
I have days where I feel as it was just yesterday and then I have a day or a few hours where I feel like I have been here for way longer than that.

It has been a long and busy week..driving back and forth and really getting most of the furniture, curtains, decorations up before Christmas; and the rooms all set up and boxes emptied out and put away.
Today is the walk through at the old apartment and then that part of our life will be done as well. I cannot wait for it.

The last things for the boy’s room are ordered and we are still waiting on the couch and carpet to be delivered for the living room but the dining set is up and working well with everything else in the kitchen. I spend quite some time building my table, nook and bench and getting everything ready with decorations and all. Who needs a man, right!? It ain’t that hard to do when you are used to doing things your own way. And it is much more satisfying when you build it yourself and see it standing there and see the house and your visions coming together and it actually looks as good as you imagined it….

wp-1483109208806.jpgThis way I got all my family present, one way or another:
My grandma, may she rest in peace, through the small cooking utensils she had in her apartment and which we used during baking time and made our own cakes when we were kids.
MY grandpa, may he rest in peace, through the spoon collection above my kitchen door which have different German castles on them.
My mom in form of a picture of her when she was 2 years old and it’s one of my favorites.
And, last but not least, the kids and myself through living here and making this house our home and building memories that we hopefully will cherish forever and one day can and will think back on with love in our heart.

As for now we will get ready for a comfortable and cozy New Years Eve, dinner with the kids and then movies and probably bed time at home. If it is anything like last year, we will be knocked out before the clock is even close to midnight, but that shall be ok with me as well.
Happy second to last day of December and enjoy your weekend and New Years Celebrations and what ever you have planned….




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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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