Happy New Year

And it’s a wrap… the year 2016 has it’s last day…and so much has been happening this year…good and bad… 

  • The good was definitely meeting the best that has happened to me next to my kids: the better half. He made my life an amazing adventure since I met him and it’s been so much fun and I always feel great when with him.
  •  I did summit a few amazing mountains, with and without kids, and went out again on some wonderful exploring, adventuring and epic 4 day, 5 state road trips.
  •  I’ve seen the most crazy person of my life while growing up again in Colorado after I’ve seen her last in Georgia where we were stationed together.
  •  I finally bought this amazing house and am making it our most wonderful, comfortable and always welcoming forever home.
  • We are alive, healthy, get to open our eyes every day and have another day to be thankful for which is, in my opinion, the best out of all of it.


  • The bad was also present and I take it, move on and learn from it like a boss.
    My car got broken into twice at that apartment complex we lived for the last year and I got robbed off quite a few things important to me, especially during the break in a week before Christmas.
  • There were two fires at that complex which I am happy to report never at our building and we always got out alive and well and never seriously hurt or injured. (that is one of the best things to be thankful for if you ask me)
  • I had water damage in my kitchen in May which ultimately broke most of my wood furniture, the carpet and kitchen in that apartment which they still haven’t fixed and I learned to just fight even more and harder for what is right and needs to be done
  • And then, finally toward the end, there was another pipe bursting in the ceiling and the apartment above us which ended up with probably a lot of mold in walls and carpet which, again, still needs to get fixed by that management and I am happy to be moved out and learned how to never deal with things that are old and/or broken.

So it’s fair to say things happened to me left and right, good or bad, and partially I was really in a mental state of “I am not doing this anymore” for a few hours here and there. But, mostly, I got my ass back up, moved forward and onward toward bigger and better things and I think the kids (and I) could use that year to appreciate the better things in life and to see that nothing is or comes easy and to work even better and harder for the new year and the things we want in 2017.
Life is great and should be celebrated, good or bad, every day you get the gift of opening your eyes and live another day!!

As for New Years Eve with the minions…. we will be going out to dinner tonight, and before that I will finish up my normal, every day things and meal prepping. After dinner and depending on how the kids are holding up, the younger ones at least, we will chill out, watch movies, snack on yummies and sliding into 2017 with a little kids bubbly to celebrate the start of only the best.

Happy New Year To You All


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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