Recovery Day 3

Sunshine is a beautiful thing

As I lay here, watching the sun come up on my wall, playing with my medals, I am just thinking. Thinking that, next to lots of things that went wrong, 2k16 was a good year over all. 

I started running again, this lovely display is just the beginning. I made new friends and cleaned out old ones. The minions are all doing amazing. We bought our forever home and are so very happy that life is really good. 

Recovery day 3 is ging well so far but, its only 817am. So gimme a bit on that to judge it better. But meds are taken and, for the first time, I am laying on my side just to help my back a bit. 

Sidenote: they should’ve prescriped massages as well for the recovery process lol It would nake things and backpain a lot easier to deal with…. 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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