A month to catch up with…

Hello… I been MIA for a bit and partially because of recovery, partially because I been fighting feels and just at the end turned my life around for the better and I think you all might agree with me, once you are up to speed.

The recovery went slow but well and after my few first week updates I been hanging around the house, slowly getting back to my old self. First post op appointment was two weeks after surgery, two of the incisions still heeling but doc said I’m doing pretty well and all looks great so far. 

The second appointment was six weeks after, on the 22nd of February, very recently and doc checked on EVERYTHING. Except for a tiny bit on the inside, everything is healed beautifully, inside and out, and the rest should be very much good to go in latest one more week. The most important thing for my peace of mind was the fact that I can finally start running again, slow at first of course, but I can do gym and runs again!! This was such a big relief…. 

The life changes that came of it and through it were a bit more complicated when it came to the love life and peace of mind for me there. 

That I was not crushing hard for over a year would be a lie if I would tell you that or try to tell that myself actually.  This man is and was my better half for the past 14 months and my heart always knew it, although toward the end of these 14 months my head tried to tell me, and my heart, differently. 

But that story will be told in the next post. It deserves its own spot, own story cause, after all, it’s been the best that happened to me and a very new start of my life.  

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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