Getting To Know Him (our story)

You see, there was this girl once. A mom, single, been through a lot, always busy.
All she did was taking care of the kids and trying to make some new friends. But she knew and felt that something was missing.  So one day, while sitting at her home, she decided to try out this modern dating  style, it seemed like no one went actually out to meet people the old fashioned way, and she went and signed up for this one site.

“How much harm can come from this?”, she thought. “Either it will work and you will meet someone or you don’t and you just delete that again!” And so she filled out the about section, uploaded a picture of herself and waited.
After a few days, and lots of frogs that tried to get to know her, she came across a picture that captured her attention. The guy, so it seemed, looked pretty good, the hair, the bod, deserved a recognizing nod as well and what did she really have to lose by messaging him?! Nothing!!

So she went for it, picked up the phone and send him a message. Fun, cheeky, a bit flirty and either he went for it, or he didn’t text back at all…
“Chances are slim”, she thought seeing that she would have never had a chance with a guy like him in real life, when she would have just talked to him in person while seeing him somewhere on the street, but against all  odds he texted back and they started talking. A lot.  About almost everything. And in just a few short days she felt at home and not one day passed by where they didn’t send good morning or good night texts to each other.  But did he feel the same? Or was that just her? She didn’t know for sure. So they were trying to meet up in real life and for a while it really seemed that this meeting would never happen seeing that he did all his  ‘lone wolf’ things, his lifestyle was not meant for a partner , let alone a partner with kids. But then, mid March, the stars aligned just right and while he was sick and his doctor was trying to get him to slow down, a spontaneous meeting became reality.


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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