The Meeting

He  was sick and I think really just needed some company at the end of the day and someone to keep his mind off things. This is the story of how they first met.

Sushi dinner, one of quite a few things both liked the same as they discovered beforehand, and so it was a perfect fit to do their first in person meeting with a sushi dinner.
He was surprised, I think, that she said yes to the invitation without hesitation and told him to pick her up so they could go. But after 3 months she was so ready and so excited to finally meet him, see him in person and eager to find out if they, in reality and off the screen, had the same chemistry.
He surely came through,  picked her up in the most wonderful Saab and she was at home the moment she sat in the car. And as he later admitted he liked the first thing he saw of her as well. Her butt 🙂

Dinner that evening was a success and he listened patiently and with real interest to what she had to tell. Her story, what she had been through and for the first time she didn’t mind telling any of it or felt like the person sitting across from her would just feel pity when they heard the story. He was genuinely interested and she loved that about him.
At the end they even shared some ice cream, when half way through, he remembered he was sick and maybe he shouldn’t share that dessert but she assured him she would be ok and so it was. It was so adorable to see his concern she might grt sick, so loveable. She didn’t get sick, she only fell in love a little bit during and after that dinner. She enjoyed every minute of that evening and somehow she knew, there was no coming back from the turn her heart took that night and none of them could have known what wonderful journey they were about to embark on.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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