The Test 

Now, fast forward a few months, it’s late December, between Christmas and New Years. She bought a house, got the kids into a better school, due to the house buy she brought some distance between them and set up a quiet life and started building a home she could always feel happy to come home too and where he was always welcome as well.

It’s been an amazing year, ups, downs, they always stick up for each other, deepened their bond and most everyone outside kind of saw what they didn’t:
That secretly their hearts belonged to each other.
And then the next test came along: she needed surgery. Cancer risk, cysts and just pain made life a hell for once a month and so she decided to take care of that.
But with that,  her head slowly seemed to win over her heart, as well. Everytime they saw each other, it seemed that he was pulling back some more, as to say and make sure it really was just a friendship and to remind her off that.
Through these actions her head seemed to finally catch up and was trying to tell her to keep being there, cause head and heart knew that completely without him, life wouldn’t go on, but not as much as, for example, only a girlfriend would.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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