First Meeting In A While

…and she found a present on the steps to her house. Wrapped, and just by the writing of her name she could tell who it was from. HIM!! She never got anything really that meaningful and although she didn’t even know what was in the present yet her heart skipped a beat and it was the moment she knew that if he would ever come around and tell her how he felt, she would tell him with no regrets and she would only want to go forward. Both happy. Together. 
After that, both started talking again, more and more. Intense conversations, confessions, coming together for one more time to talk about the future. She loved him and once he started talking she could tell what she always knew in her heart: he loved her.
It was finally time to move on together and take the plunge together or to see how you can get around those feelings.

Thank God, both of them found the heart and courage to take the plunge into a relationship together and meet for the first time mid February with more than just friendship in mind.

They had spend time with the kids and friends, and enjoyed  a movie together, cuddled up and every touch meaning so much more than before. She got shy around him, didn’t know what was to much for him or what he wanted and didn’t want to ruin things already. But he, I believe, could see how happy she was already with just him in the same room with her. 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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