Turning A New Leave

The next day she took off for a day of peace and quiet which was planned since a while and neither her, or him wanted to change that. It didn’t last very long tho. 

Later that day she texted him how she’s missing him and that she really needed to see him the next day. To her surprise he agreed and that’s what they did. Met up. Walked. Talked. Embraced the day.
He surprised her with the sweetest letter he wrote to her so far and if everything he said didn’t win her over yet, that letter, his actions after that, definitely did the trick.
And everyone who saw these two people this past week knew it was a long time coming. History in the making if you will. And so fate finally took over their lives. Love crept into their lives slowly but made sure it will stay with them for a lot longer than only a few days or months….
They are happy, they smile, they truly found love which is rare in this world today and both know they can make it worth their wile and enjoy their new adventures together. Be it new mountains, new rides, new road trips or just simple movie nights, in their style…it’ll all be better and love definitely will find its way no matter and it will heal yourself and help you heal each other. I think these two people in love are  the best example for that

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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