Birthday Week Of The One And Only 

Happy early birthday, babe

Admittedly I have been easily  too excited about the better halfs birthday. My little brain got to planning a few weeks ago, got to mull over some ideas here and there and then it came up with THE idea.  
Its gonna be a fun little night out on Friday night, pick up at 5 pm, with some fun,some dinner, and just enjoying his birthday together, second time in a row. And although I know we been celebrating together before, its still had a bit of a different ring to it now that we are officially official… it’s the same cause we are the same and yet different. As it is with lots of things we are doing and I love it and the idea of us. I truly,  and for the first time, I have my best friend as my better half and partner as well. #AdventureAwaits for sure. 

And with that in mind, he wanted to surprise me with another weekend activity from Saturday to Sunday and its the best: 

We start our hiking season this weekend… it’s gonna be amazing, it’s gonna be fun, one will enjoy the first hike of the year even more when it’s spend with the person you love and I am so excited for it!! I’m excited for every hike and every time I get to climb a mountain, treck a new track, see new things but our destination will be wonderful this (cold) time of the year. 

It is the way things are going, plans one makes in their head and the preparing for such adventures that I love the most. I’ll be starting to look for my things from tomorrow on and will make sure my dressy clothes (yeah he does deserve me dressing up for him) are all good to go as well so everything goes smooth. 

I cannot await to see his face when he opens his present, sees where we going, what we doing….  #Inlove 

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