When Night Falls

The house is getting more and more quiet as it’s getting later and later in the day. Our bedtime routine starts at 6 pm with dinner and bath and just getting testy for done serious chill time on the couch. Blankets, movies, stuffed animals and the beds in the bedroom are ready and awaiting these little bodies for a good night’s rest and wonderful dreams. 

With the house quiet it’s me and the oldest, typical teenager schedule after my own heart at that age: let’s see why all we can do at night while everyone else is asleep and I could slurp as well but where would be the fun I  that? After all I been relaxing most of my day, I got some energy to burn lol

But really, she is great. This aforementioned mindset got her to graduate last week, about 4 months ahead of time and i am very proud of her. 17 years old, done with high school, got plasma for the future…And got a really good head on her shoulders…i couldn’t ask for more. 

As for me, I spend my evening taking to the best man ever, my friend and love, as we been talking everything… good life, plans, health, fitness, weekend outings, and I can tell he already masse me sigh a better person. I’m truly thankful to have him in my life and to spend every day on this earth with him. See his lovely smile thay melts my heart and to know that we will have each others backs but also challenge one another in this thing called life is the  best feeling ever #relationshipgoals #Inlove 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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