Workout Anyone?!

When did this whole ‘just go and get your workout done when you feel like it’ become so complicated? Oh yes, that’s right, when you gave birth!! Silly you… You really didn’t think it was that easy after you gave birth to these awesome little human beings and for sure you didn’t think you’d just get back into everything just like that, did you!?

Since the hourly care on post,is booked like crazy and there are really almost no spots available I could get some use out of for any of the classes I wanted to take up in Tacoma, my Zumba will just be done closer to home, in the afternoon, 2 days a week and then I will have to go and do the on post gym deal and see what classes they offer, what time and hope that I can do those while the minion is doing his preK stuff…

Yes, I know, I am still going running and the better half will start the strength training and everything else soon, I know I will be busy, I know I will get my fun going but man, I really just need to find stuff do to during these 3 morning hours with as little  driving as possible and yet something that does not neccessarily have me running in the rain cause, lets face it, we live in Washington State an the weather is rainy 9 months out of 12 lol

As for now my dancing is scheduled, the inbetween days will be filled with on post gym running or hopefully some more fun classes and then I cannot wait to get started more and more with the better half, yes YOU my Love, to get the rest of me in rocking shape again!! It’ll make for a fun time till summer and my moms visit, that’s for sure

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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