St Paddy’s Day…Friday 

So.. what am I doing first?!

… first I want to wish the better half a very happy birthday on Bonne – day ❤ Anther year better, stronger, funnier and so much to do today…. I  love you!!

While he is quite busy this morning and for lunch time (gym, mom, lunch, social media lol), I’m here getting ready for a little birthday surprise from me. Been quite busy in the kitchen as well, baking, getting dinner ready for the minions, cleaning and just a normal Friday… only a bit greenerfor this one day in the year. 

My last week of work out at home left my legs and butt a little but sore but nothing a good stretch cannot fix in my opinion.

Good stretches are key, people

I just dislike that I cannot Zumba with my man today of all days. It sounded like it’s going to be epic from what I gathered from his morning tales. They apparently planned a little surprise, or birthday party, or something cause he said the studio was quite full with people ready to have a good ole time….
Next week is my turn again and I hope I can make it beginning of the week but most definitely me new Thursday and Sunday sessions. Summer will be here soon, and so will my mom and with that a quite different daily routine during my days and I do hope that I got some good basic habit down so it won’t three me of too much… we will see

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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