Exploring the PNW: Preston and Franklin Falls 

Bonne-day weekend wrap up: Franklin Falls hike. Before we went on our hiking adventure, we stopped at the small, but old cemetery in Preston, which we discovered on our way to our stop for the night.

Impressions Preston Cemetery
While walking around, looking at all these graves, most seemed from the first people here in this lovely, quiet town and curiously a few of them had some kind of bench on them, our feet got pretty cold although in our hiking shoes already and we were questioning how we would hold up in the snow on our way to Franklin Falls… 

Franklin falls still mostly frozen

Our first hike of the season!! And the weather was just perfect. ⛰🌞

After we left or wonderful hosts place, we made our way to the trail head and arrived shortly after 9 a.m.

#AdventureIsOutThere and was definitely calling our name.  Due to snow you’ll have to hike up the road to the trail head which will add another, probably 2 mil hrs or so to your actual hike but, since the falls are only a 2 mile ’roundtrip’ it is totally doable. 

Taking it all in and changing cause it was too warm
The snow everywhere made this place even more gorgeous and I am so happy thay my first time at Franklin falls was today, covered with some and ice and so breathtakingly beautiful 

Winter wonder land
THANK YOU, darling, for enjoying your birthday weekend with me and inning or hiking season with this hike!! 

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