One Morning…..

..its dark outside at 617am, the kids are still asleep and everything is quiet. It seems like nothing can disrupt this beautiful quiet, when all you hear is s beautiful mess playing quietly in the background. The coffee before her on the table is hot and smells so good.  A warm hug in a mug as so many call it. And lord knows she can use that warm hug, the quiet morning and with it hopefully a peace of mind that today will only bring the best. 

The first sip, hot and creamy with a taste of hazelnut going down her throat, she knows it will be a way better day than the last. 

She’s thinking about breakfast. French toast. The kids will love it.  

While she sits in her little corner of the kitchen, everything right with the world, she looks at her youngest, sleeping on the couch ever so peaceful and her heart and mind are on ease, knowing these kids will have a fun day today and not a care in the world for the most part. 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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