Weekend Shenanigans


Saturday. It’s been a pleasure.
I started it off amazingly energized with the better half. Gym time. From 10am to noon.
First of an hour of walking. Treadmill. 6% incline with a pace of 3.5 to 4.5 mph. Yes, I started sweating and been keeping hat up while the better half had fun with the weights. Yes, yes, I know, I need to start weights as well, and hey, maybe I will do so soon cause there is no use just being ‘skinny’… fit is the goal here and looking good naked 😉
Zumba from 11am to noon was quite the experience down here and damn, so many people in one studio…it’s been a pleasure being there for that and I will sure come back. Penciled in time for me right now are Thursday and Sunday for sure, maybe Wednesday afternoons as well…..

Once we got home, we got changed, the minions ready and off we went to have a little adventure time. Wildlife Refuge down here. Wetlands, animals, a bit of rain, wind, sun and just being outside. The minions had a blast, it was definitely interesting and on the way out we even saw a weasel minding its own business and just chilling ….ok, till he got tired of everyone there taking pictures and was outta here.

These pictures are not doing it justice and I can honestly say I cannot wait to take my mom back there when she is here for her visit in August.
My youngest took the top left picture and he is getting quite good at the whole picture business with the GoPro lol He always has the most interesting shots to provide.
I do love how the one turned out with the bird and its reflection on the water though. I was not sure if I were able to capture it, but yay for the turn out !!


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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