A Weekly Recap 

FRIDAY…. Its been a crazy last two weeks. I been doing Zumba with the better half when we were together and when I was able to do it but sadly so far I was not able to do the afternoon Zumba like I wanted to. 

The good news is though the fitness life is going well with everything else.  I’m at the gym every morning, even started with weights again and, at least for me, it’s chicken and veggies. Trying to stay on track with my calories so I do not undereat like I usually do cause I just don’t feel hungry and another very interesting appointment coming up: Bodpod to get a very good idea of where I stand with the journey to no more mom bod lol

Last Saturday I was able to enjoy a wonderful evening with my man at the wonderful Pantages Theater here in Tacoma. I drove by this theater, and even walked by it a few times at our night walks but, it was the first time I was  the theater. Let me tell you this tho: it is gorgeous!! The better half worked there before and I am just happy to enjoy a night with the man. 

What did we watch you ask? A Belly Dance evolution:Alice in Wonderland and it was a fantastic show. These dancers been doing this for 10 or so years, been almost everywhere and after this stop in Tacoma they were, low and behold, on their way to Praha !! It had been a blast to watch them; if you ever get a chance, the mad hatter was my personal favorite. Not only because of her costume but, as my man so fittingly put it,  she know she was the shit and owned it with every little move she made. 

So, here is my tip for you at the end of this little post: Belly Dance, people. Step out of your comfort zones. Watch something new. And maybe  you will even want to learn to dance yourself (its my next plan!) !! No matter how,  enjoy yourself with whatever you do!! 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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