Another New Chapter Starting Soon…..

Yes, I cannot believe that time has gone by this fast.
Only about 7 to 8 months ago I enrolled the youngest minion into preK, to get ready for Kindergarten, to make new friends, to sped time with kids his own age and knowing he will have the time of his life.
Yesterday, Friday, they took the last class pictures together, and a pictures with graduation gown and robe for graduating preK soon. Where has the time gone??

For me, I knew that once he is in Kindergarten, I will have to know what to do with me life. ob or school? College maybe? Or both even? Could I do any of that or would I be so brave as to try to wing it both at the same time like I did at home when I only had Caroline??
I am older now. I haven’t done this school, or work thing, for almost 10 years now. Again, time sure flies when you are busy with a house full of kids!
Will I really be able to do it all? Or just one of these things?

The plan, as I started to manifest the thought and idea in my head is to

  • request email with info from different schools -done
  • get info on fafsa and/or wfsa -done
  • have kind of an idea when to start school -done
  • get info on applying for GI bill -done
  • know what you want to go to school for -done

But , lets face it, I need to get going with the school thing. Maybe find a job I could do part-time while minions are in school/Kindergarten and just give my kids the opportunities to have a better life with making more money than I am having now.

The house and everything that is in it now and in their rooms and for them is a good start to provide an always welcoming home, no matter how old they are, if they still love home and have friends over, or if they are moved out already and just want to come visit. Now to make our lives better on the money and education front.

I can tell you though, it is scary!! I think I would be hesitant to go back to school back home as well but here, because the system here is sooo different, it really is kind of scary to be honest.
I DO know that once I started and got everything set up and been getting settled into the classes I will be doing fine probably but the thought alone right now at least is scary….

I am glad I have the better half to be by my side from this first step until I am done and died lol Cause it feels good to talk to him about it, to have him there, to hear his opinion and. I am sure that time will come as well, when he will have to calm my nerves or get me focused on the goal again when I am about to give up or doubt myself to much. But, as usual, you all will get to see and hear all these things as well and be accompanying me on my journey to better myself and the minions life….

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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