Spontaneous Vacation





Well…this is the story of how how my life got flipped turned upside down, a move that turned into a short vacation and an angel coming along….

The weekend started off as always, lots of cleaning, laundry, telling K that me and the better half will gladly help her move aka a perfect excuse to see her mom and the vineyard again, and therefore cleaning out the car and hoping for sunny moving weather.
Which at the end proofed to come true and the drive up to Tacoma was perfect. The little minion in tow and off we went to get packing. 

Of course I had a feeling they’d need the car for some of the boxes which despite a lot of “oh I don’t think we need your car but thank you so much for helping us pack and carry the stuff…” came true of course. After all, I know K and it wasn’t my first time moving her.

Long story short, after we were over the mountains and about 20 minutes out from the vineyard the trusty and world traveling car gave up on us: engine light, brake light, battery, power steering… bit by bit it was done driving and despite all the hope of making it the last 20 minutes exit 40 was where fate caught up with us; we were stranded. A few feet  into exit 40. Nothing was working anymore. Hood up. Timing belt all over the place and not quite sure if the pulley was damaged as well. Now this trip got interesting…..
So, we called K, and were set to wait on her and to decide what to do next. And like every grown adult would do, we decided to play sword fight with the minion, checking the car, enjoying the scenery and looking up where to find the nearest auto part store and how to replace the belt on that car. You see, we make an adventure out of every situation cause nothing is worst than being boring or making a bad situation worse.

About two hours in, a new belt was acquired, the old one was off and we were really working hard on getting the new one on with the tools we had on hand and without getting the car to a mechanic and paying a ton of money for the actual labor, a wonderful stranger, our above mentioned angel, stopped and asked if he could be of any help as well.
We didn’t need too much, didn’t want to get others to have to stop but he was so kind to help us jump start the car, and actually stuck around with some stories, help and advice, even giving us his number and the name of a mechanic he always goes to and would refer us to if we shouldn’t manage to get that damn belt back on there.
But, I am happy to report, that we managed it. We did it guys!! Woth some bruises on my end but we did it and I did not lose the fight woth my engine!! Sadly we then discovered that the pulley was indeed the culprit who caused all this damage in the first place…..

Once the belt was on tho, our angel did leave us but not without giving us his number, a bit more help and advice and we were all very thankful to have met a kind stranger in this seemingly rude world.
After this we pushed the car into a parking lot just off of 40 and called it a night. Here comes the part with the unintended vacation at the wonderful vineyard and just a beautiful two days all around.
No need to pout or anything like that, cannot change the situation anyways, and so we make the best of it. And I have to say, I had a blast.

Havent been at the vineyard in a year, pretty much exactly a year if I think about it, and so it was overdue. Fate knew what it was doing. Or that is the story I am sticking with at least.

As far as the next day goes we went ahead, bought that pulley, went to the car and an hour later it was running beautifully and no problems at all. We said our goodbyes with K and were finally on our way back over the mountains with a beautiful sight during our drive home. And a 50’s themed McDonalds in Yakima after the mechanic work we did to wash up and enjoy a cold drink.

Overall this was a reminder that

  1. life is too short to not enjoy everything that comes your way, planned or not
  2. you gotta live your life to the fullest
  3. it’s never to late to become a mechanic 😉

Here is to kind strangers, happy people, and paying it forward when we get a chance. Y’all need to enjoy your life, the people in it amd male the best out of every situation….

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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