Offspring mine…..sigh

Here is what is keeping me from writing lately:
Life is going on, day by day, hour by hour and month by month faster than I like these days and, secondly, I need a new damn laptop. A better one. Without having all this sh** pop up all the time when I try to write, or just deciding to put a freaking hold and my writings cause some crazy ass pop up needs to be seen. Well, thinks it needs to be seen but fact is I do NOT need to see it at all. I want to write in peace and quiet and it does seem that this laptop mine tries everything in its power to not let that happen.

Yes, this tiny bit of information took about 10 minutes to write cause something else popped up every other minute or so.
And yes, before you said anything, I got firewall up, scanned this damn thing I don’t know how many times for viruses and what not, reset the whole thing, got all my stuff back on which in itself is a pain in the but already and yet, there is still more sh** that keeps coming up.
Now, your next question might be why and I can tell you that in a heartbeat. No doubt what so ever that I wouldn’t rat on my child lol
Really though. If you are an offspring of mine you can have the shirt of my back if you need my help and I am able to do so. But when you are, back then, 9 years old and think you NEED a laptop, then throw a tantrum cause you wont get one and afterwards pursue to get on mine behind my back to download all kind of crap which you don’t understand half of what you are actually doing….that is when I draw a very BIG red line for you.

Needless to say, still no phone, or laptop privilege until he is 18 or makes his own money lol. And off I go to see if I can fix that laptop again, get rid of all these extra things popping up including tabs of all kinds of stuff.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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