Summer time

Quiet summer mornings

It’s quiet. It’s only 7am and it’s quiet.  That is the upside to living more in the country side than in the city.  You hear nothing except the occasional car drive by, it’s Saturday, and the steady, 24 hours zapping of the power lines that span across the land here.

It’s quiet inside the house, too. Summer break.  The kids don’t have to be up early but are up late at night enjoying their new trampoline amd waterslide. So these early mornings are mine so to speak. To enjoy some peace and quiet of the world that, at least in the weekends, is still half asleep.

I have been busy these past days and the house, or mostly yard these past weeks, is coming along nicely. I think it will look great once its all done and ready to really, fully enjoy… I enjoy this ‘country life’ as many would call it already.  I don’t mind working and getting my hands dirty to make something better. After all, it is my goal to mostly live off of my own land soon.

… In a field of grass…

And while I was busy just to  kind of clean up what the previous owners didn’t care about (pretty much ever part of both yards as you can see in the picture) which had us live in a almost nature conservatory look a like with the grass almost as tall as my youngest minion, it’s taking in shape, plans are made,  thrown over board, and made again but slightly different. Such is the life. 

The front of the house amd yard will be almost all done by July.  Fire pit,  if possible fence, gate, bushes and all. The back yard is the one I need more money, time and patience for but it will be half an acre worth living, loving and walking in.  Guest house, green house, pond, apple trees (which were not taken care of properly and need a very good trim come fall), kiwis, and lots of new things.  

I am excited to see it all take place.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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