Birthday Tuesday

Its Tuesday.  After a relatively warm and sunny day, warm enough to bust out the waterballoons and water hose for the birthday minion,  most of my front and back yard are in the shade of these wonderful tall and old Evergreens which surround my property.

This day started so wonderfully with the minion, a small breakfast bday cake and unwrapping of one of his presents,  followed by summer camp with his old prek teacher whom we love dearly and back home to get the house ready for his party.

But,  my heart broke for him when what I feared came true: not one of the prek friends he invited and played with all year came…. he, I think, might have completely forgotten about it cause he never once asked and the kids and I made this a darn good day but,  are you as a stay at home mom really too lazy to drive 20 min, the amount of time I drive twice a day to get my baby to school,  to a fun party for the kids to hang out to just cause its not “on post”??

So, needless to say, I am once more disappointed by parents cause, let’s face it, I didn’t even expect you to stay here if you didn’t want to… but,  then again,  my baby had so much fun running, playing, laughing, jumping that we didn’t need that full house anyways. We know how to make birthdays fun 🙂

So yeah,  this is what’s going through my mind while I sit here,  watching the sun slowly disappear behind those gorgeous trees,  pondering about life and the people in it…..

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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