Date Night Weekend 

We are writing July 2nd, 2017. Almost 5 months into official being hitched with the most wonderful guy and yet not that many dates/Date nights yet. 

Where other, normal couples go on dates every weekend, we are still busy w our own lives, kids, jobs, and the daily things that are happening; including the fact that the distance between us increased quite a bit since I moved and we are not as close IN DISTANCE anymore, yet closer than ever in mind, body and spirit. 

Sunsets and love

So after a long time coming I have got a weekend off, and we been out and about. Where? Our home of course! The city I’ve come to love more and more has gotten quite the attraction with Point Ruston almost being completed, the restaurants in full swing, and the weather just perfect during these warmer summer nights. 

The love

But, of course, no night is complete without getting it started our favorite way: a ride around the wonderful place on the best bike ever!! This is how it needs to be!! This is what I love!! And to top it off with these sights, the wonderful man by my side, life cannot be any better. Enjoying every minute of it, that’s for sure. 

Point Ruston sunsets
Water play at night

And then this is the moment, the next day, when I’m really, really certain that I want a bike…. after there were many more weight sessions in the weight room that is lol….

Made for it? I think so
And so this weekend has been da bomb and I am kinda glad it ain’t like this every weekend or I’m afraid I’d take these wonderful times for.gra ded

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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