Independence Day Adventures

I must say that after a Long evening/night at the ER with the oldest I was a rather grumpy person when I first woke up. I did not get as much done and packed for our almost three week vacation on the other side of the mountain as I wanted to the night befire and must say that it did not sit too well with me for the first hour of the day.

Turned it around pretty quick tho wheb talking to my man, and having a cup of coffee got my spirits up enough to battle through packing, loading things into the car, and getting the house somewhat ready for us to leave. 

Happy 4th of July festivities before taking to the road
 Once I got us all packed I headed to the festivities on post, the boys got to enjoy some rodes, some fair flair, and then we were off to pick up the better half and on our way to a u forgettable adventure at the vineyard as I think I shall call this trip. After all, every good trip needs a cool name to go along with it lol 

Sunset in paradise
The drive  was gorgeous, the music was a dream to drive to, the boots were doing great and the little rest stop was needed to stretch ones limbs and get moving a bit before the last hour in the car.  And so w made it just in time for dinner, a drink and the first instructions on how to water everything.  It’s been a wonderful first evening which concluded with a rather lengthy fireworks show in the neighboring city which we could see from the comfort of our deck here.  Partially it felt like everyone was competing with each other and at the end I do not like to know how much money these people just about into the sky last night with a ‘show’ that lasted almost an hour lol 

Raspberry picking
But for now we are on with day one at the vineyard with fabulous, warm, sunny weather,  a quiet life amd getting acquainted with everything else. 

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