Weeds….weeds everywhere and not the kind you smoke

First full day over here. Up since 7am. Short workout and I was ready to cook brassy for the minions, feed the chickens,  and get ready for my vineyard duties around here. 

3 wheeling funOh 

After that I been chilling in the sun a bit, after all some chill and quiet time while on “vacation” is needed and always a plus.  

Party of the vineyard

I have to say tho, the bedt part of my wonderful day is the fact that I get to take the better half with me thanks to wonderful modern technology.  I lobe that he is still with me because of this although busy with life on the west side of the mountain. 

And so he of course went with me switching irrigation this evening as well and it couldn’t be any better. Looking forward to him being here soon tho. 

But now its slowing form for me cause tomorrow frm more weeds are waiting for me… Its crazy how these things grow if you don’t keep being caught up with that and keep it out your yard lol. Its good work tho. Something I’m happy to do. Next to cleaning the house and giving it a good scrub. 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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