One week ago

One week ago I just finished an awesome, fun road trip with the minions and better half over the mountain. 

One week ago I spend the first of what should be many nights out here. 

One week ago I went through the first irrigation instructions.

One week ago we just got settled in and used to the thought we would be staying here for a while. 

One week ago we lost one chicken to a coyote but the rest chickens who were missing came back out of were found by night. 

One week ago I knew saying yes to helping out family was the best decision in our life. 

Mr Rainier seem from the Skyline Trail
Getting my picture taken while taking the picture
A glorious full moon greeted the better half when he came back out here on Monday
And dinosaurs.. did I mention the dinosaurs!?

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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