Challenge Nr 2

…. started a bit last night already when I saw that gage for the front irrigation was at 0 but everything working completely fine. Decided to let it run through the night like it was supposed to but, waking up this morning,  spinning was over and the sprinklers are just not getting enough pressure. 

At 0900 I decided to turn off the main pump, wait,  let it settle amd turn it back on about an hour later.  And so I did. No problem at all with both, looks more complicated than it is, and then the waiting game really begun. 

It’s coming back to life

The main questions were:

  • Was a upstream neighbor hogging the water as they warned me it could happen,  and we were not getting anything because of that?


  • Is there a leak in the pipe somehwere and would I need to have some professionals come to fix it and therefore spend some money on it?

I leave it for about 30 minutes, drive back and forth, made this lovely vineyard kind of my personal race track  while having to get around on the three wheeler anyways and, hold on to your horses, the gage up front by the house showed signs of live. We haven’t lost the patient just yet and no time of death was needed so far.  

Now to wait a bit longer and with some faith and patience I’ll be able to open the daytime irrigation cycle as planned. It’s a hell of a fun time here on my workation and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, guys!!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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