Last vineyard day 

It’s been a day.  A day of tubing the #YakimaRiver followed by cold but refreshing outdoor showers for everyone while we got to smell the awesome bbq that was waiting for us and cooked by the ones that stayed behind. Namely my minions and Lois. The boys had a blast hanging out and cooking with you!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity!!!

Backyard showers after tubing the Yakima river

But, time was not one our side and before we knew it, it was almost 6pm and really, really time to go. It was getting late, traffic, and the dogs were alone at home for this day as well… it was time to say goodbye. For now at least.

There could not have been a better end to this #workation then we had and its been a total blast, and honor, too watch after the vineyard for our dear friends/ family these past three weeks🍇

Quite a bit of traffic but a great sunset at Snoqualmie Pass

Now it’s 930am the next day and I am getting used to my loud piece of country living lol. I always thought my place is quiet and loved it but boy, compared to three last three weeks its loud. It’s good to just sit or tho, listen to the birds, have some coffee and try to not let the OCD get the better of me for now, amd just tackle things one thing at a time 🤗

first morning coffee back at home

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