Traveling Vietnam Memorial

We did a thing today.  We went and payed our respects to the hero’s of a war forgotten by quite a few I feel,  except those that were in the midst of it and lived to tell the tale: the Vietnam war.  We went and looked at traveling Vietnam Memorial which is about 3/5 the size of the original but not less breath taking! 6 feet tall in the center and almost, if I remember correctly,  300 feet from end to end, it’s impressive.

It’s been quite something to walk, to read all these names, to see the statistics and boy, those are some numbers I tell you…. I really do hope that, if you get a chance and this wall will be coming to a location near you, take yourself, your kids,… there and see it. Pay your respects, maybe find and meet some veterans like we did and talk with them about it, get educated. Cause I think the problem in  today’s society is that we forget about the past, the history and need some new reminders along the way.

A few numbers to think about

You can find Info and more about the wall, travels, dates, pictures here if you are interested!!

A soldiers remembrance
Reading the names, paying respect to the ones who served, died, went MIA, the ones who made it back but then had so much more to deal with….

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