A crazy life

This is it. Mid August. Summer and with it Sumner Break are almost over. My mom has been here for two weeks already, two more to go. The solar eclipse is coming closer every day and as much as I’d like to see it, as I’d like my kids to experience it, I’m not buying those sadly overpriced glasses for 10 or so minutes of looking into the sun. And, who knows, by 9am my kids might even still be asleep lol

The minions enjoy having Oma here more or less. You can tell who grew up with my parents around for their first few years and who did not. The middle minion loves her, not saying the youngest does not but he ain’t about cuddle time with Oma like the middle one is. It’s an interesting dynamic these days, that is for sure….

Then everyone is going eclipse crazy which means the roads to Oregon are fling to be a mess next week and I’ll have to push Multnomah Falls into the last week of moms visit…. It’s always something, I swear… but, making the best out of it and even learning to deal with not too much me time these days.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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