…and first week of quiet house almost behind us.

And although it was bittersweet for a few minutes here and there, it was a wonderful week. It was great to see the minion diving into his new adventure with so much fun and determination.

As I did with all the kiddos, I drove him to his first day, went to the classroom with him and was happy to see that he was right at home; hanging up his back pack, taking his seat and starting to do his work. Come pick up Tim he he walked in full of confidence, a smile on his face and happy as can be.

First day of Kindergarten, second week of 5th grade

The bus reality set in on his second day, was met with eagerness and in th gee afternoon I was greeted with a very happy kindergartener, saying he loved to ride the bus and cannot wait to do it again tomorrow.

It can’t get any better than all this, people, it just can’t when it comes to minions and school….