Mt Rainier Skyline Trail

This was a day where a huge bucket list item got crossed off my list by pure chance and it made it even better that the family was there to enjoy it with me.


The Skyline trail loop was on my list since quite a while and was also a hike that would get me as close to the top of Rainier as possible. It has a 5.5 mile round trip length and an elevation gain of 1450 ft with its highest point at 6800 feet. And as so many trails we start at Longmire/Paradise.

We wanted to make this a nice, slow, relaxing day trip with the family, showing Mt Rainier to mom, show her the Lodge and just have a relaxed Monday. We decided to take a short walk to Myrtle Falls and then just started walking from there. At some point I asked mom who never really went hiking and neither did my brother except for small bits here and there, if she would like to keep going by kinda showing her how much further we still have to go up before we are at the highest point and on our way down again. And all she said was “sure lets keep going” ….and that was what we did.


On our way up we encountered wonderful, cooling patches of snow which were used by us for snowball fights, awesome pictures and to cool off from the warm weather. Almost half way up we refilled our water supplies with some yum and clear mountain water because, lets face it, we were not prepared to walk the whole trail.
But we were so rewarded for all of this. And on a clear day you are able to see Mt St Helens, Mt Hood and Mt Adams. Also, we did the trail ‘backwards’ which means a more tranquil beginning to the hike and not a step climb right at the beginning. Off this trail you cam also go to Deception Lakes, Camp Muir, Dead Horse Trail and many more.

It has truly been a wonderful hiking day and even the youngest minion walked most of it on his own.

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