Well, Looks Like We Are Still Here

And since we are here to live another day, another weekend and, dare I say it another year, I got out of bed and straight into that kitchen of mine. So I think you might now what comes next… a few new recipes I found, tried and probably approve off for my whole new Keto life.
The last week mostly consisted of fighting the blues, blah moods and trying not to fall of the Keto bandwagon. It’s been a challenge to say the least. Although I find it fairly easy to implement all things Keto into my life, my eating habits and even with the kids, it has been challenging last week with the extra blah mood I been battling. Needless to say (but why, I ask you, do we say things anyways when we say ‘needless to say’?!?) I had a tiny fall back. Nothing to be mad about or worried or to take too seriously cause mommy mode just kicked in and without thinking I grabbed these half full bowls of cream of wheat that the minions did not eat, simply cause I hate throwing food away. I acknowledge it could have been worst and so it was early bedtime for me that night as to not fall too far back into all the things I could have eaten.
Bedtime is your friend when you battle the kitchen, candy, sweets, grains or what ever it is that is on your mind the moment you feel like cheating on your food life style. I totally agree with my man on this one. When you sleep you cannot eat!

So today I grabbed the left overs from last nights pho, made some chicken broth, threw in the onions, a bit of chicken that was left, brussels sprouts and that will be my food for most the day. Also working double duty for liquid intake since it’s got sodium and I need to drink more during the day, which is hard for me to accomplish most the time.

End result is a steaming bowl of pho goodness that makes every cold Autumn morning a bit more bareable. And I got more where that came from……

Now, while that one was cooking I whippped up some Keto chocolate chip cookies which are currently baking and make the house smell AMAZING and makes me think of all the lovely things I get to bake during Christmas time…. yeah, my mind is there already as well. After all it ain’t that much longer.

The recipes will be posted on here as well, once I am done with the cookie shift..someone hs to take them out the oven after all. Dinner will be some Keto ceesy meatloaf which I will probably make into patties and serve it with I’d say pasta or potatoes for the minions and I will make myself some tomato salad .

Have a great weekend y’all!! 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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