More than one way to go up a Mountain

  • The longer way about 9 miles round trip
  • The shorter way about 8 miles round trip
  • Our way

Of course I’d say do our way if you got all day cause: its been epic!!

We arrived at Mt Washington around 1030am, one or two more cars there which promised to be a quiet, relaxed, chill hike with no hiking crowds like you might get during the summer months. Got our things ready and off we went, up a steep hill right out of the gate to even get to the trail heads.

Yes, heads because you can get to amazing places from where we were: Twin Falls, Iron horse Trail, John Wayne trail, Mt Washington are the biggest ones.

We went toward our trail and since this one direction apparently was the only one and the trailhead seemed to start from very hard to see/ find/ not recognizable as trailhead we took a wonderful warmup walk and discovered three fun things while doing so:

From this point its “only” 2196 miles to Chicago which we assumed is reachable by foot (about 6 months one way) or bike through the Iron Horse Trail and we ‘discovered’ Ragnar; seemingly to be a dump site for old pillars from the bridge that was up ahead and boy, those nails that are still in the wooden logs are scary… and you can easily add another 3 miles to your hike in no time lol



Anywho, turned around, walked back to the ‘hidden entrance’ to a magical, yet very rocky and steep climb up a wonderful mountain lit up in fall colors all the way up.

What felt forever but was probably about only 20-30 minutes we came across a very neat little for/ camping site which we had the idea to be or next overnight. Fun filled nights ahead is all i can day about that lol


We came back down the mountain at around 6pm after a bitch of a last mile up, an ever rocket way down (or so it seemed) and a ‘cramp of doom ‘ as the better half would describe it. But there’s a reason you do these things together: to help out the other 🙂

Dinner which we really earned that day (and i kinda threw my keto life over board for that one meal) was at our declared after hike dinner spot in North Bend before we went on it journey home.

It’s been the best and it proofed to me once more that I wouldn’t do this challenging amd fun filed life with anyone but my man! Made for each other!!



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