Kickboxing Fun

No, really, this is kicking ass….
Last Thursday was the first time I tried it up in Tacoma at the LA Fitness and man, I loved it. Now, given, it’s ‘only’ kickbox cardio but man, it’s kicking ass and I love how I feel afterwards. With that being a really good experience I decided I am going to try the one down here on Friday, the day after, as well.
But, what can I say, it was not half as kick ass as the one on Thursday and so I made up my mind that I’ll be bringing my butt up to Tacoma for some kicking of the ass. Combined of course with some good movie time with the better half will make the almost-end-of-the-week perfect.

Naturally I went back yesterday to have a great start to my day and it worked. I sweat even more than last week, I got better and better and it’s fun, for me at least, to spend some gym time with the better half.
We ended this day with a walk to our pier. And it’s taking a bit of a toll on me today:
I am sore

Yeah, I haven’t been that sore in a while. I can feel it in my back mostly, the legs are fine although I thought they might give out on me during class yesterday lol. But we push through and make it even better.
Tuesday is some more fun penciled in my calendar up in South Tacoma for the same class, same teacher before I do it again on Thursday. Friday will be chill day, cause that class is just too chill lol. Yeah, I need it to be a bit more ass kicking than just back and forth and some abdominal workout.

Well, on second thought, while thinking of that abdominal I might just hit that class tonight anways lol


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